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e-Commerce Services

Trading Office space with Virtual Space, we offer Commerce Services that integrate, officiate, expedite and evolve business in ways that no one can do. Growth is the norm, and sustainability is the platform.

E-Business Consultation

All businesses are unique: each poses its own problems and its own solutions. Clients, Products, Services, Policies and many more factors are all a necessary part of the equation for successful and continuous finance. To grow and maximize productivity with maximum efficiency, we need to understand your mindset and how to apply it within the mold that we make for your increased output.

  • E-Commerce Processing, Business Flow, and Strategic Maneuvering
  • E-Commerce Inventory of Platforms
  • ERP, 2nd and 3rd Party Development, and Accounting
  • POS, OMC, and Multi-Channel Accounting

Social Marketing

Much like the rise of technology in business applications, Social Media and the Marketing opportunities it provides are invaluable. Having a very high Productivity to cost ratio and ease of access to returning and new clients virtually guarantees there will be no asset stagnation and a constant influx of well-adjusted subscribers.

  • Social Media Advertisement
  • High Degree of Social Interaction and Reception
  • Endless Production and Renewable Content

SEM and SEO Consulting

Search Engines aren’t what they used to be. Old tricks and tired words are yesterday’s news. Keep up with the times and stem the tide of ever-evolving internet interaction for websites. Page visibility, readership, ranking and more are determined by so many variables that it seems near-impossible, except for the word wizards we employ. Our techs don’t just write content, they write new clients. Regular updates and standardized wording will help not just the business, but the client, too.

  • Quick Search Engine Marketing
  • Efficient Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click and Pay Per View Administration

Analysis and Analytics

Perfect execution is only part of the job. Constant and consecutive review, measure and re-execution is paramount to successfully deciphering data, perform data compilation and integrate that with network-based algorithms that tailor specifically to what clients need and what the public wants. Often ignored and dismissed, careful analysis can make or break the search for perfection.

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Analysis Administration and Processing
  • Individual Pixel and Pixel Group Identification, Administration, and Analysis
  • Click and Tag Identification, Administration, and Analysis

Brand and Identity

Recognition of Name and Logos are vital in any operation, and creating one that lasts permanently is what we do. From conception to execution to revision, we work with you to create that recognition. Processing everything from the small details to the core concepts is what defines this creative aspect.

  • Customer Pattern Research
  • Logo, Picture and Infographic Design
  • Market Cooperation and Market Competition Research
  • Branding and Style Implants

User Interface and Experience

Good user interfaces help the client. Great user interfaces help the business. Expert Visual Designers and Site Architects integrate accessibility with practicality. Our form to function approach to design ensures maximum availability to clients and product information. The latest trends and hot topics along with user comfort and interface reliability demands the highest level of satisfaction.

  • UI Mapping, Coordination and Design
  • Interface and Client Research Integration
  • Custom-Centric Focus Testing
  • Wireframe and Storyboard Explanation and Development

Information Architecture

Although intensively technical by nature, Information Architecture is the foundation for exact and repeatable client information gathering, cross-referencing, organization, and data analysis. Efficient and understandable wording reaches the client on the lowest and highest level of engagement, fully addressing all of a client’s concerns, needs, wants and interest.

  • Easy-to-understand Information Flow and Accessible Design
  • Website Calibration
  • Site Alignment, Scaling and Checking


Eye-catching designs coupled with easy-to-read information are the best types of infographics to add to any website, which is why we make appealing graphics that don’t have miles of text on them, but short and sweet text that’s to the point, wasting no time for you or the client.

  • Reactive E-Commerce web page design
  • Microsites, Macrosites and Web Apps Design
  • Online Infographics and Print
  • Overall Configured Packaging

Front-End and Back-End Developing

Developing on both ends includes changing pleasing designs to perfect client experience management and execution of custom client looping. Everything from smart design to unorthodox methodology takes part in melding the two radically different worlds of development and implementation.

  • Pleasing Front-End Design and Implementation
  • Structurally-Sound Back-End security
  • Adapted Environments and Implemented Effects
  • GIT Code Version Management of the most extreme degree

E-Commerce Platform Integration

Businesses don’t run one way, so why should your platforms? Focus on important platforms that are integral to your operation and discard the ones that hinder any aspect of growth. Documentation, Product Recognition, Brand Accruement, Revision and Phase Plan Implementation are all key players in the field of growth. Stabilize or exceed growth parameters with all involved platforms.

  • E-Commerce Platform Design, Revision, Integration, Implementation and Evolution
  • Experience with all major public platforms such as Amazon Web Store, and more obscure ones such as Magento
  • Codification of Assets and Asset Review

3rd Party Software and Extensions

Self-reliability and Self-sustainment can only go so far with regard to environment absorption and platform distribution, which is why 3rd Parties benefit you under certain circumstances. 3rd Party Software Partnership must be carefully and precisely controlled and applied to increase productivity. Safe and secure 3rd Party Software for Vendors and Clients is the name of the game.

  • 3rd Party Software Revision and Execution
  • Extension Implementation, Maintenance, and Updating
  • 3rd Party Custom Imprinting and Administration

Quality Assurance and Performance Optimization

Although applications and technology and multiple-interface gadgetry are the norms, satisfactory performance and high accessibility are more important than ever. Stay in control of the perfect website-to-client experience with a reliable and informed team of Quality Assurance Testers that know load times and webpage speeds are the make-or-break of the online world.

  • Quality Assurance Testing, Revision, and Debugging
  • Cross-Device Browser Standardization and Same-Interface Mapping
  • Web and Site Code QA Testing
  • Cache, Cookie and Speed Optimization with Minimal Page Load Time


Cloud Hosting

Expertly coded software can only run at peak efficiency if it’s backed up by strong, reliable physical hardware. Our team of Software Engineers and Network Technicians and IT’s all work together to provide the perfect balance of support for Internet and Intranet networking. With optimized and efficiently flexible software programming and hardware maintenance, your clients can have one or multiple points of access into the mainframe that is your business, providing limitless opportunities for client interaction and engagement.

  • Public, Private, Hybridized, Single-User, and Shared Cloud Hosting Precisely and Efficiently Managed
  • All Types of Cloud Apps are supported, from External Storage Apps to Cloud Hosting Services such as Quickbooks and full-on File Servers.
  • CDN Caching, Firewall Protection and Updating, Even Load Distribution
  • DNS Registration, Hosting, and Maintenance

Performance and Scalability

Supply and Demand are the ultimate blessing and curse, with high Demand sustaining and promoting growth while low Demand demotes recognition and decreases prioritized productivity. Manage and even prevent full-scale Demand catastrophes with constant monitoring for your business along with regular performance reviews and performance-enhancing boost programs and campaigns. Demand can’t be controlled, but it can be predicted, and you can be protected.

  • E-Commerce Platform Monitoring
  • Content Delivery Network data allocation, revision and execution
  • Cloud-based functions like File Sharing and Server Hosting are always Load Balanced and Damage Prevented

Enhancements, Upgrades, Fixes and Migrations

Problems arise with any kind of software, which is why we provide support around the clock for clients that encompass small bugs to site-threatening crashes. Size and scope of the site do not matter, and the humblest of businesses receive the technical benefits of those much larger than it. Fast communication, localized repair, and fiscal responsibility triangulate for those safeguarding businesses.

  • E-Commerce Platform Previewing, Installation, Modification, and Revision
  • Urgent and Emergency Problems like quick fixes and debugging available
  • Code reparation and implementation
  • E-Commerce migrations from server to server and software upgrades included

Monitoring and Resolution

Glitches are the only inevitabilities when dealing with codification and site hosting, which is why we immediately assess and survey any glitch and bug that is found in the system to mitigate and remove all negative effects. Prevention is primary and repair is secondary, ensuring that the minimal amount of problems crops up when you least expect it.

  • Application, Site, Server and General Software Monitoring
  • Performance Issue Flagging
  • Site, Information Architecture and Database updating, feedback and survey analysis along with scheduled maintenance provide security and reliability
  • PCI compliance, Federal and State Law compliance, Threat Assessment, Identification, Prevention and Targeting




DREAMLAB, Incorporated isn’t just a fancy name, it isn’t just another company. It’s the past, present and future all rolled into one unification, gradation, and exportation center that manages clients, expectations and responsibility. We specialize exclusively in E-Commerce: Stable Strategy, Creative Solutions, Seamless Integration, and Strong Support.


Overview and Company History

Having been recently founded as a singular, all-encompassing entity, DREAMLAB is the culmination of decades of work, thought, and revision dedicated to all model business ideals: the company, the goal, and the client. With several teams of expert designers, engineers, writers, technicians and executives, clients and businesses of all sizes can prosper at an accelerated rate. Alliances and Partnerships are made with us and for you.

Productivity, Limitation Removal, Client Acquirement and Retention, Service Accommodation, and Proportional Growth are just a few of the facets we cover, and every single one is priority number one.





Permanence is the mission we are on here at DREAMLAB, and no obstacle is too great, and no solution is negligible. Options are as varied as the clients themselves, and there are an infinite amount of choices to be made with each one prevalent to the company.

The Market may be stable, or it may be unstable, but our clients are always on the upswing of any movement, any shift, any trend. Pro-biased allocations always benefit one factor or another, and it only gets better every time.

But without confidence and respect, there can be no permanence, which is why every client and every goal is the beginning and end of all operation. We don’t meet client expectations, we surpass them. We don’t have simple clients, we have business partners. You don’t have DREAMLAB services, you have DREAMLAB itself.


the DREAMLAB process

All of the processes we employ add to the efficacy of what we do. A small change here and a modification there, bundled with constant improvements build up clients. We don’t stagnate, we elevate. We don’t push procedural boundaries, we destroy them. Our readily-relatable four phase plan succeeds where others don’t:

Studying and Identifying what the client needs is the crucial first step in any transaction that occurs, and once the information has been gathered, it is reviewed, a plan is drawn up and the plan is set in motion. Clients will delineate what they want, how they want it and when they want it. We underscore all of those wants with a fine-tuned precision that isn’t surpassed by any potential hurdle. We don’t just meet the client, we get to know the client, and knowing the client and their needs greatly solidifies the alteration of the market we make for them.
Once the situation has been assessed, planning the execution of any operation is based on the categorical assignment of each company division to a team dedicated exclusively to that department. This compartmentalization establishes the project variables and handles them to their ultimate completion. Client’s don’t have to expect vague details, however, as we strive to integrate the client in every step of the way.
A well-configured plan is nothing without the foresight of critically-timed execution, and each team arrives at the completion marker with all main and sub-objectives completed and ready for analysis and review. Uncompromised Commitment to clients guarantees that goals are met, surpassed and then reviewed in a constant cycle of balance to take the guesswork out of market prediction.
Cycling reviews and goals are one step of the precautionary and reactive measures we take with client projects. There are redundancies and backup plans in exhaustive supply to safeguard all client assets in all forms, whether informative, persuasive or conditional. Once the bar and standards for each section have been successfully elevated to a higher degree, then post-project inquiry is actuated until client resolution is attained.


Overview and Company History

D REAMLAB is the digital embodiment of Core Values that stem from regulated work, strong client relations, and professional attitude. These basic principles determine all that we are and all that we do. We are professional, not only because that is what clients expect, but because that is what benefits clients as well. Partnerships aren’t forged only in the formality of pleasantries and the respect of tradition, they are also forged by a determined work ethic and expected results.

  • Accountability and Responsibility: Both are words we live by. Second Chances are not as important as memorable First Impressions, and we strive to be the former instead of asking for the latter.
  • Transparency and Comprehensibility: Clients know exactly what they want and we know exactly how to give that to them. Every step along the way to great business is revealed to the client, and there are no hidden numbers or agendas. We think of everything so the client doesn’t have to.
  • Motivated and Delineated: We are eager, but we don’t overstep our boundaries. Clients and their projects are treated with the utmost respect, and we don’t pry into personal motivations or sensitive subject matter.



Our Partners

This select group of partners is composed of consummate experts and the epitome of digital business and E-Commerce.
They are our partners, and they are our clients’ partners, too.

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Every Client, Partner, Project, and Goal is a step on the Journey to Perfection

We Are Business. We Are E-Commerce.